DSMC introduction

This is the ‘official’ site of the scenery persistence mod made for DCS World, the leader flight combat flight simulator from Eagle Dynamics. This mod will enable the capability to save all the scenery/mission current situation and create a new mission (.miz) file with all the updated data, like the alive or dead state about units, buildings or static objects, their updated position, and the warehouse items (fuel, weapons, etc)… and much much more.

This mod is made by a community member with the passion and the purpose to bring to DCS additional content with mission designers in mind. To install the mod, you can use a mod manager like OvGME or JGSME or unzip the folder content in your Saved Games directory. Also, the mod is designed to be fully compatible with MOOSE, MIST and CTLD.

The mod feature also a dedicated version of CTLD, named DSMC’s CTLD, that you can find in the mod zip along with its manual.

Inside the package, in the DSMC\Docs folder, you will find the manual that will teach you everything you need. Anyway, if you prefer to take a look before downloading anything, here you can find the Mission designers’ manual for version 1.3.1

After you make sure that this work will fit your needs, if you like it, please contribute for the development of the next version. The contribute I’m asking for is about everything I need: a coffe ;). If you want, you can use the donate link in the menĂ¹.

For the lastest news, please keep in touch with the discord server.